The Different Types of Dance

Dance is a complete form of art that has many types. Some of them are:

Ballet: Ballet is the most difficult type of dance to learn. A dancer has been taught about coordination, posture, balance and musicality in it. Therefore, an aspirational dancer has to learn it before learning other genres of dance. The dancer has to wear tutus and different costumes but he or she could not wear the pointed shows before the age of 12 because feet’s are required to be developed as much as to get able to bear the pain of it. The dance was originated in Italy in 15th century. 

Tap: Tap is the dance in which dancers have to use their feet to make sounds while moving their body swiftly. Like ballet, they have to wear different kinds of shoes. Their shoes are known as tap shoes. There are metal plates as heel in them that assist them in making sounds. There are many styles in tap dance but Broadway tap and Rhythm Tap are well-known among other styles. You can send your children in tap dance classes in Dubai for kids as well to master them in it!

Jazz: Jazz is the fusion of hip hop, ballet, African dance, Tap, modern and other dances. That’s the reason why it is the most famous type of dance. The style of jazz are usually performed on upbeat and pop songs with cool choreography and dramatic themes. Jazz shoes have leather soles so that dancer could move and bend their feet freely. Jazz is the most energetic form of dance that combined e all cultures and traditions and bring everyone on one platform.

Hip Hop: Hip Hop is another energetic dance that has the absence if predefined rules and steps. The dance was performed as street dance initially that gave rise to it. Hip Hop is performed on funcky, urban and hip hop music. The dancer wear hip hop sneakers. Unlike other types of dancer, hip hop dance is free in nature who moves and styles can be interpreted in different ways.

Irish Dance: Irish Dance is different from other types. It is all about keeping your hands stiff while moving your feet and legs rapidly. Riverdance is the most famous Irish Dance. Irish Dance can be performed socially to enjoy the frankness and friendliness or it can be performed formally. The dancers have to wear hard and soft shoes. 

So, these are a few types of dance which you can learn easily. There are other types as well like contemporary and salsa. There are many classes of salsa dance in Dubai dance schools which are cheap to attend.