Thursday, November 09, 2017

Intelligent Design, science and truth

It is important to understand that the debate about Intelligent Design is not about science, reality or truth. Don’t misunderstand—Intelligent Design is all about science, reality and truth, but the debate itself is about one side (Intelligent Design) simply being ruled out of bounds by those in power. Law professor, Stanley Fish who is presumably no friend Intelligent Design explains:

“…it is easy to see why creation science or intelligent design doesn’t have a chance. Any attempt to present it in a state-funded classroom as a legitimate alternative to evolution will be blocked by the state’s unwillingness (given the establishment clause) to give its stamp of approval to a religious position. Any attempt to remove the label ‘religious’  and replace it with ‘scientific’ will be resisted by the arbiters of what science is, who have already made up their collective mind in advance. And any attempt to establish the truth of intelligent design by the usual academic routes of argument and experiment will not get off the ground because the academy, like the liberal state of which it is a mirror and an extension, defines itself by it difference from religion” (Stanley Fish, Winning Arguments. New York : Harper, 2016, 185).

In other words, Intelligent Design doesn’t fail for lack of better scientific arguments. It fails simply because the secular elites in science, education, law and politics simply refuse to give an honest hearing to anything that challenges their secular assumptions and presuppositions.

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