Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Gun control and the Sutherland Springs shooting

After the mass murder of 26 innocent people in a Texas church, the knee-jerk reaction of Progressives is as predictable as the morning sunrise—push for more gun control legislation! I’m trying to understand their reasoning in this case.

The perpetrator was the military equivalent of a convicted felon who was not legally entitled to own a firearm. Contrary to USAF regulations, someone in the Air Force failed to enter his conviction into a federal database which would have kept the perpetrator from purchasing his guns legally. Whether that would have kept him from obtaining firearms by other means is anyone’s guess. The point is that the problem was not the absence of adequate gun control laws, the problem was a bureaucratic mess-up. Better training or discipline may have prevented this murder, but stricter gun control laws would not prevent a bureaucratic error.

On the other hand, a former NRA instructor who, fortunately, did own a gun legally was able to use his gun to stop the perpetrator before even more people were murdered.

So how can we stop such murders in the future? Progressives’ solution: Stricter gun control! But not only would stricter gun control laws have failed to prevent this slaughter, such laws may have actually resulted in more lives lost if those laws had kept the hero from owning a gun. A man with a gun saved numerous lives, and yet the Progressives’ only solution is to call for stricter gun control. 

Progressives are not brain dead, and most are presumably not stupid so I can only conclude that they are pushing a hidden agenda.

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