Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The first Trump-Clinton debate

I think Trump blew a perfect opportunity last night! The moderator and Hillary were focusing on Trump’s failure to release his taxes and Hillary went off on all kinds of wild speculation about why that might be: Perhaps Trump was not as generous as he claims to be. Perhaps Trump is not as rich as he claims to be.
Trump then promised to release his taxes when Hillary released the 30,000 emails, so the moderator eventually asked Hillary about the emails. She said she had acknowledged that her private emails were a mistake. When the moderator gave Trump the chance to respond, he blew it!
He should have said, this is not about private e-mails, this is about government business on a private server that you apparently set up in a deliberate attempt to hide your e-mails from the law which requires disclosure. You were deliberately trying to shield your business from the American people though Freedom of Information Act requests. What were you hiding?
You put our country’s national security at risk just to hide your dealings from the American voter and the law! Then you repeatedly lied in an effort to cover up the fact that you sent and received classified e-mails on that server! Other people have gone to prison for less than this madam secretary!
So what were you hiding? Since you want to speculate about my taxes, let’s speculate about your e-mails. Were you hiding personal deals with foreign leaders? Were you hiding special deals with elite power brokers on Wall Street? Did you sell out the lives of our people in Benghazi so as not to jeopardize financial income between Libya and the Clinton foundation? Were you undermining U.S. national security for the sake of personal gain and your own political power?
I guess we’ll never know since you destroyed the evidence! You were in the Watergate hearings, madam secretary. You know that Nixon was impeached for destroying much less evidence than you did!
But you’re the one who wanted to speculate—and your big concern is whether I’m as rich or generous as I claim to be? Please!
Madam Secretary, given your repeated and well documented lies, why should the American people believe anything you have to say about anything?

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