Friday, September 16, 2016

Anti-American protests

I don’t mind it when people point out the flaws, sins and outright atrocities in America’s past. Heaven knows there have been more than enough of them! I get annoyed, however, when people ONLY want to talk about the failings of America apart from the context of the injustices and atrocities of other nations. What about the atrocities that have occurred in the histories of  Russia, China, Japan, Germany, England, Spain, France, Norway, Turkey, Greece, Iraq, Bosnia, Cambodia, North Korea,Syria, throughout Africa and in fact, all over the world! We could even discuss atrocities committed by North American Indian tribes and other tribal groups around the world. And I'm just talking about outright atrocities--no nation on earth is free from a history of injustice, prejudice, discrimination or oppression! Just take, as one example, the millions and millions of people who have been oppressed under India's caste system. (Perhaps the Apostle Paul was right after all when he said "there is none righteous, no not one"; and "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God"). We rightfully condemn the Atlantic slave trade which resulted in an estimated 16 million deaths but we never talk about the Muslim Middle East/North African slave trade which resulted in an estimated 19 million deaths! We condemn American imperialism--the same imperialism that conquered nations like Germany and Japan and then helped them become among the most prosperous nations on earth--but most people know nothing of the Islamic imperialism which produced one of the largest, longest lasting, and oppressive imperialistic empires the world had ever seen. And don’t tell me that as Americans we should just concern ourselves with American history—we live in a global community. Injustices in one nation often affect other nations (e.g. refugee issues caused by Syria or Somalia, to name only a couple countries). So if you want to protest America’s injustices, fine. Unlike many other countries, America gives you that Constitutional right. Just make sure you include all the other nation’s injustices in your protest. Otherwise, I will suspect that you are either ignorant of such injustices or you are just hatefully anti-American.

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