Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

I keep getting annoying robo-calls from Donald Trump’s campaign. I don’t even listen—because what he has to say doesn’t matter to me. Donald Trump has a track record of being a vindictive, vengeful autocrat who seeks to destroy anyone who crosses him (with lawsuits, public smear campaigns, etc.). Even if I agreed with everything thing he says (and I don’t), this is a scary personality trait for someone wanting to be President. Evangelicals who think he is on our side should beware. The first time we cross him in any significant way, he will turn on us like an enraged mother bear.

But I don’t listen to Hillary either. Not only is she already an enraged mother bear toward Evangelicals, she has also proven herself to be a habitual liar who will do and say anything to get elected. When she speaks, the only things I know for sure is that her lips are moving and air is coming out. But that tells me absolutely nothing about the truth or falsity of anything she is saying, so why should I waste my time listening?

All things considered, I think the possible danger posed by Donald Trump is significantly less than the certain danger posed by Hillary Clinton. As just one example, Donald Trump might disappoint us with his Supreme Court appointees. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, will certainly appoint justices who will radically re-interpret the Constitution in ways that will cause irreparable damage—especially to some aspects of religious freedom and conscience. The first amendment prohibits the government from regulating the “free exercise of religion.” When that is narrowly re-interpreted to protect only “freedom of worship” (Hillary’s words), America will cease to be the nation our country’s founders established.

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