Sunday, February 14, 2016

A replacement for Justice Scalia

With the death of Justice Scalia Democrats are already coming out of the woodwork demanding that the Senate fulfill its constitutional duty and approve an Obama appointee to the Supreme Court.
It this wasn't so serious it would be laughable. Hypocritical Democrats who have ignored or trampled the Constitution for the last seven years suddenly show interest in the Constitution when it suits them!
Actually, I'm sure Republicans in the Senate would be happy to confirm an Obama appointee who believes in interpreting the Constitution in light of the framer's original intentions, rather than someone who believes in "finding" new rights, or interpreting the Constitution in light of foreign expectations, or contemporary ever-changing, politically correct social customs.
The problem is that Obama is annoyed that the Constitution has hindered his efforts to fundamentally change America into something the founding fathers never intended. His solution is to appoint justices who do not feel constrained by what the Constitution actually says.
If the Senate lets him get away with it the already shaky balance of the court will change, you can kiss whatever is left of your freedom goodbye, and attacks on Christians (like Baronelle Stutzman, et al) that began during the Obama administration will snowball!

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