Friday, December 04, 2015

Our next president in 2016

Here is my Christmas wish list for a new President, not necessarily in any order (I really could not care less whether our President is a man or woman, relatively young or old, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, or American-Indian): 
  • Strong track record of personal honesty and integrity (if someone has a track record of corruption and personal dishonesty, how can you trust them on anything else?).
  • Strong commitment to the first amendment "free exercise of religion" in both the market place and in the public square--Not just "freedom of worship."
  • Strong commitment to only appoint judges and justices who are "originalists."
  • Strong commitment to a smaller, less regulative and less intrusive federal government.
    • A commitment to abolish some cabinet departments like the Department of Education would be a big plus.
  • Strong commitment to a powerful national defense
  • Strong commitment to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons and to keep North Korea from developing intercontinental ballistic missiles--even if that means war.
  • Strong commitment to a good relationship with, and defense of Israel.
  • Strong support for traditional marriage.
  • Strong stand against abortion.
  • Commitment to promoting international human rights, recognizing that democracies can trample human rights as much as dictatorships.
  • Commitment to a radical reform of the Environmental Protection Agency by putting people ahead of animals or earth.
  • Commitment to radically reforming or even abolishing the IRS to reduce its potential as a tool of manipulative or corrupt politicians.
  • Commitment to a strong, well-funded program of helping those who really need help (e.g. the physically or mentally challenged), but an equally strong commitment to weed the freeloaders off government assistance and to provide strong penalties for those who defraud the system.
  • Commitment to work toward balancing the budget and paying down the national debt--even if that means raising my own retirement age (see below).
  • Commitment to reform Social Security--even if that means raising the retirement age to 68 for those like me who do not have physically demanding jobs and are still in good health.
  • Commitment to repeal Obamacare but an equally strong commitment to fix some of the glaring problems with the old heath care system.
  • Commitment to an immigration policy that:
    • Provides (metaphorically speaking) for a high wall and a wide gate, i.e. a policy that 1) closes the borders as much as possible to illegal immigration, 2) makes it easier for more people to immigrate legally, 3) opens a path to citizenship for otherwise law abiding illegals who are already here, but at the same time 4) institutes a vigorous policy of punishing and/or deporting illegal felons, and 5) provides for very strong punishments for those who re-enter illegally.
    • Focuses on admitting people who want to assimilate into American society, and seeks to exclude people who have no intention of doing so.
    • Attempts to stop immigration of people whose beliefs are fundamentally at odds with the U.S. Constitution, for example, those who would seek to restrict freedom of speech or freedom of religion, or those who do not believe in democracy.

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