Friday, June 05, 2015

Illegal Immigration

On a talk radio show today a caller voiced his opposition to illegal immigration. He said, suppose someone broke into your house. Would you allow him to stay and offer him amnesty? Of course not. You’d call the police and have him removed! The Illegals have broken into our house. We need to kick them out! The talk show host—echoing what most Republicans believe—heartily agreed.

On this issue I disagree with the caller, the host and most Republicans. I don’t think the illustration is accurate. Let me modify it. Suppose you not only deliberately leave your doors unlocked, you never even close them. When outsiders start wandering into your home, you don’t have them removed, you let them stay. You give them jobs around your home and if they get hurt, you bandage their wounds. You even teach their kids and give them food.

Then, after they’ve lived with you for years, you suddenly, call the police yelling about those terrible intruders who have invaded your home! Well, it is your home. I suppose you technically have a right to ask them to leave—but they have hardly invaded. You practically encouraged them to come in!

That’s what we have done with illegal aliens. When they came, we did not have them removed. We looked the other way while they got jobs. We let their kids into our schools and gave them school lunches. We gave them medical care. We actually encouraged them to come and stay! And now we (Republicans) want to send them home? For many of them, this IS home! I think it is just plain wrong to try to force them all back after we have encouraged them to come and stay.

Of course my fellow conservatives will say, “WE didn’t invite them in, the Democrats did.” That’s not entirely true. Reagan gave them amnesty and then neglected to secure the borders. That’s encouragement to come. So it is not all the Democrats’ fault (maybe just 90% their fault). Like it or not, our government encouraged them to come and stay. It is just not right after all these years to suddenly try to force them to leave (even if that was possible).

So what should we do?

First, we should do everything we can to close the borders to ensure that no more people enter illegally, and to ensure that those who do come are not criminals or terrorists.

Second, after the border is secure, we should give illegals a set amount of time to apply for a green card. These green cards would be guaranteed to all illegal aliens who 1) have not committed felonies or multiple misdemeanors here or abroad, and 2) will wholeheartedly express agreement with our Constitution (for example, any illegal alien who thinks it should be illegal to make a cartoon of Muhammad should be deported immediately).

Third, we should significantly expand the immigration department. Make it possible for them to handle a much greater influx of immigrants, to adequately screen and track those immigrants, and to deport those who overstay their visas. Then we should open the doors to legal immigration and make it substantially easier and quicker for immigrants to enter—Specifically, immigrants who are good, honest, hardworking people who want to learn English and agree with our Constitution (Personally, I would focus on substantially expanding the number of persecuted Christian immigrants but that would probably be a non-starter).

Where would we get the money and manpower to do all this? I would suggest abolishing the IRS and Department of Education which would provide both the money and the manpower, but I’m sure others could come up with other suggestions (By the way, if the Democrats had really wanted to solve the immigration problem they could have used the trillion dollars spent in stimulus money to do all of this).

OK, I know the devil is in the details and there are probably a lot of things I haven’t considered, but broadly speaking, I think we should build a very high fence with a very wide gate (figuratively speaking), and allow honest, hardworking immigrants who are already here to stay.

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