Friday, May 15, 2015

The most serious danger facing America

I think it was Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev who warned that America would one day be destroyed from within. His words may turn out to be prophetic. America is under attack—from within. I’m fully aware of how radical this sounds to most Americans but I am convinced it is true. 

One of the things that made America great and free was the addition of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution. The Bill of Rights has been the foundation of American freedom since it was adopted, and yet that foundation is being undermined from within. 

Take for example, the right to bear arms. Americans have always had the right to bear arms—and yet progressives have fought tooth-and-nail to reinterpret the Bill of Rights to eliminate that freedom. When those efforts failed in the Supreme Court, some progressives sought to sidestep the Court’s decision, not to mention the Constitution, by attempting to restrict access to ammunition. The right to bear arms, of course, is meaningless without ammunition. 

Freedom of Association is also under fire by secular progressives. There have been movements, especially in higher education, to force Christian campus organizations to open up their membership and leadership to people who are not even Christians! This would be like telling a student Democrat club they must be open to Republican leadership! If non-Christians could join a Christian group in sufficient numbers, they could elect their own into leadership and then radically change the group, or vote it out of existence—which is probably precisely the point! When any association—whether a Christian group or gay rights group or environmental group—does not have the right to control their own membership and leadership, there is no Freedom of Association.

Freedom of Speech is also under attack specifically by secular progressives in the gay rights movement. Now just to be clear—I don’t believe businesses should discriminate against gay people simply because of their sexual orientation. But when the government seeks to force people of faith—caterers, bakers, photographers, etc.—to support, by their services, a political cause with which they disagree (gay marriage), that constitutes forced speech, not Freedom of Speech.

No group should be forced to directly support a cause with which they disagree. For example, pro-choice bakers should not be forced to bake anything for a pro-life rally. A sign-making company owned by a member of PETA should not be forced to make a sign in support of hunting. This is not a hard concept to understand. It is hard, however, to avoid the conclusion that progressive “ignorance” on this point is willful.

Our First Amendment protection of Freedom of Religion is also under fire from progressives who want to force people of faith to support actions they believe to be sinful. Progressives simply redefine Freedom of Religion as “Freedom of Worship.” What they mean is that you can believe anything you want, or worship any god you want, as long as you don’t bring that belief to the public square.

The First Amendment, however, was not written simply to protect your right to worship. It was written to protect you from a tyrannical government that would seek to force you to violate your conscience by compelling you to do things that you believe to be sinful. This is precisely what progressives seek to do, for example, when they try to force Christians and Christian-owned companies and organizations to assist in, support or pay for abortion. The intolerance of such progressives is demonstrated when they fight against exemptions even for Christian Colleges or Christian book publishers!

The First Amendment says that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Progressives have (wrongly) interpreted the first clause so broadly and strictly that many of them would even see a Bible on a school teacher’s desk, or a student’s prayer before lunch, as government establishment of religion! Yet they seek to prohibit the free exercise of religion anywhere but homes or places of worship! Secular progressives are seek to re-interpret the First Amendment out of existence.

The attacks against our Constitution have become so widespread that they do not just come from higher education or media, but from the highest levels of government. When Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House, for example, she openly scoffed at the idea that we should follow the Constitution, and President Barak Obama has (fortunately for us) been slapped down by the Supreme Court numerous times for trying to sidestep or outright ignore the Constitution.

Secular progressives claim to champion tolerance and yet they are tolerant only of the causes and people with whom they agree. The truth is that they are often among the most intolerant people in the country. Secular progressives claim to fight against discrimination, but they are not really against discrimination at all—they fully support discrimination against Christians. When they, for example, would defend a gay baker’s right not to put anti-homosexual Bible passages on a cake, but deny a Christian baker’s right not to bake a cake for a gay wedding, they are discriminating against the Christian baker.

The reality is that progressives are just against discrimination when it comes to causes or people they support. They use the word “discrimination” as a power-ploy to beat their opponents into submission—and somehow Americans have swallowed their ploy hook-line-and sinker.

Secular progressives are attacking the very foundation of America itself…the Constitution in general and the Bill of Rights in particular. Such attacks are fundamentally anti-American and—I mean this literally—are more dangerous to our future than al Qaeda, Isis or al Shabaab put together. That is because we are (no thanks to progressives) still powerful enough to handle any attack made on us from the outside. But secular progressives are attacking America from within—and they are winning because Americans keep electing and supporting them. I fear that Nikita Khrushchev may turn out to be right.

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