Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Homosexuality and Freedom of Speech

I love ham and BBQ pork. I understand that Jews and Muslims generally do not share my views on pork. In fact, I would imagine that some of them think my eating pork is downright sinful. That's OK. I respect their right to their opinion. I would never dream of trying to smear or sue a Muslim or Jewish restaurant owner, much less try to run them out of business, just because they woudn't serve me a ham sandwich or cater some event I was having by providing BBQ pork.
There is something sick or even evil (and certainly un-American) about people who are so hateful and intolerant they would threaten, sue, or try to force someone out of business who will not violate their personal convictions. That's what's happening to numerous businesses. I never dreamed I would live to see it happen in America.

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