Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Peace and safety

I turn on the news and see endless stories of ISIS which almost seemingly sprang up out of nowhere—as if “rising out of the sea.” I learn that they are extraordinarily well-funded and have rapidly taken over large parts of Syria and Iraq, including military bases containing aircraft. As they crucify and behead their enemies, especially Christians, some have said they are more brutal than Hitler or Stalin. ISIS would like to develop a one-world government or “caliphate” and are now being called a clear and present danger to the West.

Meanwhile, thousands of people—including many Christians—are fleeing Islamic extremists in Nigeria and Cameroon. The persecution of Christians is widespread in Sudan, Somalia, Egypt, Eritrea, Mali, Pakistan and numerous other places. In fact, for the first time in history American Christians are being dragged into court for simply living out their faith!

Elsewhere, the Israeli/Hamas war goes on, thousands continue to be slaughtered in Syria, and the Russian military is on the doorstep of the Ukraine. Iran continues to develop nuclear weapons and North Korea continues to develop the means to deliver the nuclear weapons they already have. If all that wasn’t enough, someone from the CDC is now saying that the Ebola epidemic is out of control!

I pinched myself and I don’t’ seem to be having a nightmare, so I’m beginning to feel like I’ve stepped into the beginnings of a futurist view of Revelation 6 and 13! But there’s nothing to be concerned about, right? At least we in the West live in peace and safety (1 Thessalonians 5:3-11).

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