Friday, June 07, 2013

Gay "tolerance" and a Colorado bakery

A gay couple in Colorado is now suing a Christian bakery owner for refusing to bake a cake for them.  The gay couple is claiming discrimination.

I'm not sure I agree with this Christian baker's convictions. Would he refuse to provide a cake for an adulterer, drug abuser or alcoholic? Would he refuse to provide a cake for a party if he knew alcohol was likely to be abused there?  If not, he needs to be consistent.

On the other hand, since when does "discrimination" trump the Constitution? The Constitution specifically provides for freedom of religion (and if freedom of religion does not include protection for conscience it is meaningless). The Constitution does not guarantee freedom from discrimination. When discrimination laws run up against the Constitution, the Constitution should win every time or it is useless.

Unfortunately, this case is just another example of an intolerant and bigoted gay couple trying to impose their views on others. There are undoubtedly dozens of bakeries that would love their business, but they want to run this one out of business because the owner's convictions don't match their own.

The gay rights movement could go a long way toward silencing their opposition if they would stand not only for their own rights, but for the right of others to disagree--and demonstrate that stand by coming to the defense of Christians like this one. Otherwise, Christians are justified in their concern that gay rights advocates don't just want their own rights--they want to crush the rights of any who disagree with them.

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. said...

I agree with your assessment with this situation but I'm afraid the shoe has been on the other foot for so long that it will be hard for the 2 "sides" to understand that. Many of my good Christian friends fought against gay rights since before there was such a thing.