Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Obama, AP, IRS and Benghazi

In case you’re one of those who doesn’t follow the news, you really should know what’s going on: 

1) Citing national security concerns over leaked information, the Obama Justice Department secretly seized 20 phone lines from the Associated Press, affecting 100 reporters—even though only five reporters were working on the leaked story.  Veteran reporters say nothing of this magnitude has ever happened before in America. Even “progressive” journalists—Obama’s supporters—are outraged.   

2) The Obama administration IRS admitted to deliberately targeting conservative groups—delaying their non-profit status, demanding information to which the IRS had no legal right, illegally releasing that private information to a liberal group and even forcing some organizations out of business. Initially, this was said to be limited to low level staffers in Ohio but it was then revealed that the scandal went up to high level officials in the IRS who knew this was going on for years.  Illegal, unconstitutional, and “policy of intimidation” are words being used to describe the affair (remember, it is the IRS that will enforce Obamacare!)  

 3) After our ambassador and other Americans were killed in Benghazi, the Obama administration—including Obama himself—deliberately, knowingly and repeatedly lied to the American people by placing the blame on an individual who produced an anti-Islamic video. It was later discovered that no one from Libya at any time said anything about a spontaneous demonstration spurred on by any video. This story and false accusation was entirely fabricated by the Obama administration for political purposes.  Then, while the administration blamed the Benghazi attack on an innocent man, they doctored the evidence to remove all traces of involvement by Islamic terrorists. 

If you are still an Obama supporter please ask yourself one question—be honest with yourself: What would you think if all this happened on Bush’s watch instead of Obama’s?


St. Lee said...

You forgot about the one where our President spirited one of the very first suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing back to Saudi Arabia before ANYONE could possibly determine whether he was involved or not.

Maybe the plan is to overwhelm the public with so many and varied scandals that we throw up our hands in disgust. Meanwhile most Obama voters will never even hear about any of this.

Dennis said...

Speaking of overwhelming the public, there is yet another scandal brewing. Newt Gingrich's latest newsletter says,

"When Congress refused to appropriate more money to set up the health insurance exchanges, Secretary Sebelius began asking these companies to contribute to Enroll America, a nonprofit organization created to promote Obamacare. It is headed by a former White House official.As Senator Lamar Alexander said, 'Such private fundraising circumvents the constitutional requirement that only Congress may appropriate funds. If the secretary or others in her department are closely coordinating the activities of Enroll America...then those actions may be in violation of the Anti-Deficiency Act.'Senator Alexander points out the Secretary’s activities are functionally no different from those which led to the Iran-Contra scandal, in which the executive branch attempted to continue supporting a program Congress had not authorized using private donations. Fourteen officials were indicted in Iran-Contra."

St. Lee said...

See, one person can't even keep track of them all!