Friday, April 05, 2013

The North Korean crisis

If you are interested in what is going on with North Korea, here is a crash course (for those who are not familiar with Hugh Hewitt, he is a practicing attorney and constitutional law professor who once served in the Reagan administration. He also works as a talk show host).

"The moment of explosion is near" MailOnline.  (The pictures in the right column are risque but the article is the best overall background coverage I've seen in print).

Hugh Hewitt interview with Max Boot, Council of Foreign Relations

Hugh Hewitt interview with Michael Rubin, American Enterprise Institute

Hugh Hewitt interview with Michael O'Hanlon, Brookings institute

Hugh Hewitt interview with columnist Mark Steyn

Frank Gaffney, Center for Security Policy, on CNBC

"Is the North Korean Threat Just Bluster?"  Podcast from the Center for Security Policy

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