Saturday, December 15, 2012

Massacre in Newtown, Connecticut

At a time when atheists demand to know where God was during the tragedy in Connecticut we should note that if atheism is true there will never, ever be justice for the victims and their families. If atheism is true the parents will never, ever see their children again. There is no hope. There is no real comfort. There is only unfathomable despair. 

Christianity teaches that the perpetrator will not escape justice, and holds out hope that through Christ the parents could see their children again at a time when “our present sufferings are not worth comparing” with the glory God has for us; a time when “the former things will not be remembered” and God will wipe away all tears (Romans 8:18; Isaiah 65:17; 25:8; Revelation 7:17; 21:4). That doesn’t make either faith system true or false—it just puts things in perspective. Atheists would agree that we need to face the implications of our beliefs honestly.