Monday, September 24, 2012

The Obama administration appeasement of Muslims

For a couple of weeks now, our President and Secretary of State have been repeatedly condemning and practically apologizing to Muslims for some YouTube video clip. Our leaders have blamed this video for the violence carried out by thousands of Muslims in numerous countries around the world—violence leading to the death of a U.S. Ambassador who had absolutely nothing to do with the video!

Frankly, this appeasement infuriates me! For decades Muslims all over the world have kidnapped, imprisoned, enslaved, robbed, raped, tortured and murdered thousands and thousands of Christians! (Please see Newsweek for an overview of such persecution, then see Compass Direct News and Jihad Watch for a more detailed documentation). Why is there more outrage by the Obama administration over a YouTube video--protected by the First Amendment--than over the slaughter of thousands of innocent Christians?

But those radicals only make up a tiny minority of Muslims, right?

If thousands of Muslims rise up in violent protest against a short YouTube clip, why haven’t millions of "moderate" Muslims risen up in protest about how their supposedly peaceful religion has been dragged through the mud by the "radical Muslims" who regularly commit these atrocities?

After all, such atrocities certainly damage the reputation of Islam far, FAR more than some obscure YouTube clip that very few people even knew about (least of all, Arabic speaking Muslims!) before it was made known by Muslim violence!

And yet the Muslim world is deafeningly silent when it comes to such barbarism.

Could it be that the idea of Islam as a “peaceful religion” is a myth, and that the number of true “moderate Muslims” in the non-Western world has been significantly overestimated? Could it be that the danger Islam presents to the world has been significantly underestimated?

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Kevin said...

I do not know the answers to all of your questions.

My perception of Obama is that he is finely tuned to say and do whatever it takes to gain and retain power. Truth is not a concern he has. He appeases Muslims to try and temporarily calm a situation, he supports free markets when it suits him, and condemns them when it doesn't. He proclaims the marvels of "green energy" but works deals for coal and oil refinement if it helps his re-election. He'll say he's a friend to Israel, but will not meet with their Prime Minister... but will meet with "The View". Obama is outraged by anything that complicates his ability to be re-elected. The message, to me, is that Obama will do whatever it takes, say whatever is necessary, in whatever venue to win... he and his handlers think voters are too stupid to notice that he contradicts himself, changes positions, and constantly spouts empty rhetoric.

As far as Muslims not reacting to the murder of innocents I also agree that it speaks to the nature of the religion. Christianity has a long history of dissidents standing up against the orthodox (or otherwise empowered viewpoint). Muslims, where they are safe from physical violence from other Muslims, should protest against these violent acts and show that their religion is not about violence against all vulnerable unbelievers.

There seems to be a very stark contrast between the United States and Muslim nations. We are built on the fundamental idea that people can practice their own religion and say what they want without government intervention. Sometimes our free citizens say very hurtful things, sometimes they say things that are considered to be evil by others... but our government supports the freedom to say those things, we support freedom. The Obama administration should have condemned the stupid YouTube video, but championed the freedom to say stupid hateful (and from what I understand absolutely horribly produced) speech. They should have said, yes we condemn this, but we'll fight for this idiot's right to post this nonsense and we'll fight for everyone's right to call this idiot as many names as they can come up with.

After this whole debacle, as you pointed out, my perception of Islam and Muslims has been further diminished. I see most of the middle eastern countries as backwaters (perhaps the way many people viewed the US South not so many years ago). These people aren't operating on the same free wavelength we Americans are. I hope that Muslims more sensitive to the views of the West will be able to build a bridge of communication; freedom of speech and freedom of religion are not up for negotiation.