Thursday, August 02, 2012

Mitt Romney and taxes

It seems like the most serious charge the Democrats have been able to launch against Mitt Romney so far is the unsubstantiated (and irresponsible) charge by Senator Harry Reid that Romney may not have paid any taxes for the last ten years.

Let's imagine for a minute that Reid was right. So what? The issue is whether Romney violated the law or not. If he did, why hasn't the Obama IRS gone after him? If Romney did not break any laws, what's the problem? Who in their right mind would pay taxes that the tax code does not require?

You may not like the fact that companies, corporations and rich people have tax shelters and loopholes (me either), but that is the problem with the Congress and tax code, not with the tax payer.

In the case of companies, every dollar a company pays in taxes is a dollar that could have been used toward investing in the company, or hiring new workers, or paying for bonuses or salary increases. Any CEO who would pay taxes that are not required by the tax code, is not smart enough to be a CEO!

It's like someone on TV said this morning: "If Mitt Romney really hasn't paid any taxes over the last ten years, I don't want him as my President. I want him as my accountant!"

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Kevin said...

Harry Reid's claims are despicable. He cites some anonymous source... the leader of the Senate citing an anonymous source on the floor of the US Senate. Perhaps Reid should offer to resign if Romney has paid taxes in the last 10 years to back up his otherwise unsubstantiated claims.