Saturday, August 04, 2012

Fast and Furious by Katie Pavlich

I just finished reading Fast andFurious by Katie Pavlich, a book about a scheme by the federal government to sell guns to Mexican cartels. The supposed objective was to follow the weapons from purchasers to the upper levels of the cartels. The ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agency) pressured local gun shops in the southwest into selling guns—thousands of guns—to illegal purchasers. Even though many of the gun shop owners expressed concerns, the ATF assured them it was all part of the plan and everything was under control. Some gun shop owners tried to refuse cooperation but were coerced by the ATF in cooperating.

The problem was that no one in the ATF (or any other government agency) was tracking anything. They were deliberately having thousands of guns sold to murderous drug cartels. After hundreds of people were murdered using these guns, the ATF and the Obama administration tried to blame the whole thing on the gun shop owners—even pressing charges against the very gun shop owners they had pressured into cooperation! Democrats in Congress (predictably) pressed for more gun control legislation.  ATF agents who came forward to expose the scandal were punished.

Eventually Congress began to investigate and found that this plan involved not only the ATF but several administration departments and reached all the way up to the Homeland Security Secretary and the Attorney General of the United States. While no connection to the President has yet been proven, the Obama administration has done everything possible to sidestep, stall, stonewall, and obstruct the investigations. The book charges that the real reason for the scheme was to provide a basis on which cases for more gun control and regulation could be implemented—including regulating gun shops out of business.

The book is well researched from sources including ATF eyewitnesses, internal emails, and testimonies before Congress. The book hard to put down. It is as outstanding as it is disturbing.

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