Friday, July 20, 2012

The shooting in Aurora

I have to admit that events like the massacre at the movie theater in Aurora Colorado make me question the wisdom of our constitutional protection against "cruel and unusual punishment."

Some monster slaughters people in cold blood, wounding over 50: The police catch him immediately after the shooting and there is absolutely no doubt about his guilt. Unless there is some reason to believe that there are extenuating circumstances (e.g. coercion or total insanity), my gut feeling is that the surviving victims, and the families of those who didn't survive, should be giving the opportunity to dispense justice by stoning him to death as a warning to other monsters who might be inclined to carry out similar atrocities.

We moderns often sit in judgment on ancient cultures for their brutal punishments. I suspect, however, that if the people in those ancient cultures could see that our punishment for someone who slaughters innocent people is to give them food, clothing, medical care, TV, and athletic opportunities, all at taxpayer expense, those ancient people would say we are not only barbaric but out of our minds.

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Phil said...

As much as I am not a supporter of Middle Easter Culture, every time I read one of your posts about capital punishment I am reminded of common practices in Saudi Arabia. One thing that happens there that would never happen in the US is that if you go into a jewelry shop and they don't have what you want, they will leave you alone in the shop and go and check out other shops near by to see if they have what you want. Why do they do this? Because no one in their right mind would commit an act of theft in Saudi because they will take you and chop off your right hand. People can say what they want about so called "studies" that show capital punishment does not work but a simple look at Middle Eastern countries proves otherwise. Drug use is low... why? Because you will be stoned to death for drug use. Alcoholism is low. Why? Because it is classified as a drug. Where their culture falls short (VERY) is in how they handle women who have been victimized. But that is another discussion.