Friday, June 29, 2012

Christians being stoned by Muslims--in Michigan!

I didn't think anything could shock me anymore, but I have to admit I was absolutely shocked and stunned by this!

A mob of Muslims in America not only verbally assaults, but throws eggs, rocks, bottles, urine, and even chunks of concrete at Christians who were doing nothing but standing there with Christian signs!

And the police not only refuse to protect the Christians from the violence, they actually make the Christians out to be the bad guys! A mob of Muslims violently attack a small group of peaceful Christians who are exercising their Constitutional right to free speech, and the police say the Christians are at fault!

If this had been a group of peaceful Muslims holding signs at a Christian rally and a mob of Christians attacked the Muslims like this, the Christians would be charged with hate crimes and the story would be on every news outlet in the world. Not only that, but in the Muslim world there would be riots in the streets, Churches would be burned and Christians would be murdered.

But because this involves Muslims--those moderate and peaceful Muslims the Left is always talking about--the media ignores it and the police take the mob's side!

The police in this city have shown that all a Muslim mob has to do is become violent, and the police will shut down free speech.  Unbelievable!  Please, please take the time to watch the whole thing.

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