Saturday, May 05, 2012

Military Justice?

Certainly this cannot be true, can it? Not even the Obama administration is this anti-American, are they? (Hat tip: Professor ed).


Kevin said...

The article seems VERY lopsided. I did a little research and it seems that this article suppresses facts in order to persuade the reader that Behenna should be freed.

No one seems to be arguing these facts; the soldier (Behenna) stripped and interrogated the suspected terrorist (Mansur) without authorization. Mansur had been released by the US military. Mansur lunged at Behenna trying to take his gun and Behenna shot Mansur twice, killing him.

The US doesn't just kill prisoners. Mansur would not be dead if he didn't lunge at Behenna, but he wouldn't have lunged at Behnna if Behanna hadn't decided to conduct an unauthorized interrogation. In my view Behanna is culpable and a trial is warranted.

The article doesn't mention the testimony of the interpreter who translated for Behnna. As reported in the Armed Forces Press:

"Before we started the patrol, Lieutenant Behenna told to Ali Mansur 'I will kill you'."

"Behenna and Warner started taking off Ali Mansur's clothes with their knives. They then cut his handcuffs."

Warner then "took the grenade from his pocket, pulled the safety ring, walked around and put the grenade under Ali Mansur's head.

"Then they hid his clothes, and Behenna and Warner went back."

As far as the Obama administration goes... the charges were filed in 2008 while George Bush was still President. I'm no fan of Obama, but if you're going to stick w/ this being an anti-American persecution of a US soldier you're going to need to lump the Bush Administration in with Obama's.

Kevin said...

I didn't mean that last part of my post to come off as snarky... I'm hoping w/ a bit more information your readers will view this article a little more critically and form an opinion a little more grounded in the whole truth than what the cited article would allow.

Dennis said...

When I wrote, "certainly this cannot be true?" that was a serious expression of my skepticism. I was hoping someone with more time than I have right now would look into this more closely. Thanks for doing that and for the info.

Phil said...

however, lets not forget that the US military clearly set up an unprecidented and entirely rediculous situation that pretty much set Behena up for failure. Does this justify breaking orders and rules on his part? No, it does not. However, the whole scenario is a debacle from the top down. Behenna's superiors should all be SEVERELY reprimanded for even setting up the situation. Might there have been reasons to release Mansur? Yes, but given the history behind the situation under NO circumstances should Behenna been required to bring Mansur home.

There might be some legitimate chargers that should be brought against Behenna but they should definitely be lesser (maybe manslaughter?) and heavy responsibility should be placed on his superiors.