Thursday, February 23, 2012

The real extreamists

I didn't catch the debates last night but it sounds like New Gingrich hit the ball out of the park when the candidates were asked which ones believed in birth control. Gingrich pointed out that when Barack Obama was running for President, not one question in the debates was asked about the fact that as a legislator, Obama actually voted to leave living babies (those who survived botched abortions) to die unattended in a stainless steal pan!

The media is trying to portray Republicans as extremists and yet it is actually Obama who is the real extremist.

As I understand it, CNN asked no questions about the rising oil prices or "Fast and Furious." Wonder why.

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professor ed said...

It is because of highly biased debate formatting by CNN, and some of the mainstream TV networks, that the national GOP is taking a close look at having more control over presidential debate venues/formats in 2016.