Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Obama's "Truth Teams"

The real battle begins! President Obama is about to unleash "Truth Teams" to lie about the truth Republicans tell of Obama's failed presidency. With his bag of dirty-Chicago-politics-tricks, and a corrupt Attorney General, (e.g. an Attorney General who refused to prosecute voter intimidation when the intimidation benefited Obama's campaign) I'm afraid this president will stop at nothing to retain his power. Please take time to read the article.

We have a President who thinks he has the power to tell private insurance companies what they must cover, and who thinks he has the authority to tell the Roman Catholic Church that they must pay for behaviors they consider sinful!

Not only is this unconstitutional, it is tyranny, and if Americans allow him to get away with it by electing him to another term, it will only be the beginning! If Obama does this kind of stuff in his first term, just imagine what he'll do when he doesn't have to worry about reelection!

I honestly believe the future of America may be at stake in this election. (hat tip: Professor ed).

UPDATE: Not long after I posted this I received an e-mail from a Christian leader who had recently met with political leaders in Washington. He expressed concern that the government is increasingly intruding on matters relating to sexuality, hiring decisions, and "community covenant standards." In the e-mail this leader also expressed concern over government policy changes that have the potential for forcing the closing of Christian institutions in American ranging from Catholic hospitals to Christian colleges.

Tyrants will not take over America by overtly cutting out the First Amendment and outlawing Freedom of Religion. The majority would not stand for it. What tyrants will do, however, is to package their attacks in such a way that the majority see the changes as being for the good, rather than what they really are: a subversive attack on the Constitution and freedom. Most people may not realize what's happening until it is too late, and that is precisely what the Obama administration is hoping for. The 2012 election will tell whether they are right or not.

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