Friday, January 13, 2012

Raising the national debt: Irresponsible and unpatriotic

President Obama just sent yet another request to Congress to raise the national debt.  This is irresponsible! It is unpatriotic!  How do I know?  President Obama told us so.

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Phil said...

Ya know, at this point with all the extremely unconstitutional BS that Obama has pulled, the blatant lies, the blatant lawlessness, and the blatant over stretching of power.... and what have the Republicans ACTUALLY done other than rant and rave about it? NOTHING!! Why has this not been pressed in court? Why has the House not called for investigations? Why has nobody done ANYTHING? At this point.. I am honestly getting convinced that the Republicans are against Obama for show only. I getting more and more convinced that the Republicans are supportive of what Obama is doing. If ANYTHING, with their lack of action, I am convinced that they HAVE to be looking at it as powers that a Republican President will someday have as well. Unless we're not being told something, there is no way that the Rebublicans are against Obama's antics and still standing silently by.