Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Ugly War against Israel

Please take time to read, "The Ugly War against Israel on College Campuses."


professor ed said...

I cannot imagine any voter, who treasures Israel and its herritage, voting for Obama in 2012.

Sonia said...

Interesting article. I would however like to see more proof that Saudi money is going to our colleges. And while I agree that the specific cases cited in the article are definitely examples of hate towards Israel and anti-Semitic (events like at Kent State that the article mentioned), I don't see how having an event called "Palestinian Day" is anti-Semitic.

I am also troubled by what the definition of "anti-Israeli professors" is in this article. It seems to mean anyone who criticizes Israel in the slightest and attempts to teach about the Palestinian side of the Arab-Israeli conflict. This is why no on can ever have an intelligent and intellectual debate about this issue. Because anytime anyone mentions anything about the Palestinians they are immediately labeled an anti-Semite and that they must think that Israel doesn't have a right to exist.

It seems that most people need to learn the difference between antisemitism and criticism. Stop true antisemitism. However, don't stop narratives just because they are not in line with your beliefs. This is a direct assault on academic freedom.

Dennis said...

I am not one of those who support everything Israel does (Most Jews do not support everything Israel does--after all, Israel, unlike its neighbors, is a democracy and democracies are filled with disagreements).

But this article was not about normal, honest policy disagreements. It was about blatant anti-Jewish hatred on our college campuses. Our Colleges would never tolerate such expressions of hatred against blacks, gays, or Muslims. why are some tolerating such hatred against Jews?

Phil said...

Hey Sonia, is that like any time someone mentions something against Obama they are labeled as racists?

This is not about disagreeing with a few policies. This is about trying to stomp down Israel and demonize them for wanted to defend themselves from hundreds of rocket attacks a day. This is about demonizing Israel for wanting to preserve the lives of their citizens from the likes of Iran who wants to wipe them off of the map.