Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fourteen bombs explode in Baghdad today

Fox News is reporting that fourteen bombs exploded in Baghdad this morning, this after the U.S. has pulled out of Iraq.

Didn't the liberals tell us that all this violence in Iraq was caused by the fact that the U.S. was there?


Sonia said...

You can't seriously expect the violence in Iraq to stop a day or so after the last US troops leave. Iraq is a very complex country with different sectarian lines running through its society.

It seems that these recent attacks were the result of this sectarian divide. Tensions between Shia and Sunni have increased in recent days. One reason is because officials issued an arrest warrent for Tariq al-Hashimi, the country's vice president and Sunni senior politician, over allegations he ordered the killings of his opponents which he denied. Some Sunnis also believe that Maliki will consolidate Shia power over the country which is obviously troubling for Sunnis

As for our presence making the situation worse, our presence was a magnet for extremists especially because of our growing unpopularity in the region thereby worsening the security situation

Dennis said...

I never expected the violence to stop! In fact, I was quite convinced that it would go on!

Islam has been a violent religion at its core since the days when Muhammad slaughtered all 600 men in a Jewish town and sold their wives and children into slavery! Or when he had people executed for no other reason than for turning away from his religion. His true followers have always followed in his footsteps.

But you are exactly right--Iraq is a complex country in which Shia and Sunni Muslims have been killing each other for a long, long time--long before the U.S. even existed!

Bush invaded Iraq looking for WMD. He stayed in Iraq trying build a better life for innocent Iraqis through Democracy and to protect them from extremists. Of course that is going to be a magnet for extremists--just like our presence in Europe during WWII was a magnet for Nazis!

Bush had good intentions but his policy was extraordinarily naive and misguided. He simply did not understand Islam.

Phil said...

Where my thoughts are more focuses is that the media hyped up how violent Iraq is while we were there to make it look like it was all the US's fault and to show how horrible we are.... when the violence continues I wonder if they will have the death toll tallies of Iraqi citizens to show that the violence occurs whether we are there or not!

Fat chance of the media broadcasting reality though and allowing the world to see that contrary to popular belief, the violence is not solely because of US presence in Iraq.