Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Over 45 million people now on food stamps

As the number of people on food stamps now hits over 45 million, Obama says God wants us to put people back to work.

Great! Then why didn't you do it, Mr. President? You had two years with a Democrat Senate, a Democrat House, and nearly a trillion dollars to "stimulate" the economy (which, by the way, has now resulted in over 100 stimulus-related criminal investigations)! All of this after you PROMISED us that your stimulus plan would fix the mess left to you by your predecessor!

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professor ed said...

The liberals, and Obama loyalists generally, certainly love (worship?) the figure "45 million". If I recall correctly, this same number was dragged out, from various Obama appologists sources, to support the need for Obama-care. Frankly I wonder if somewhere there are 45, or 450, or 4500 secluded "thinkers" somwhhere, putting out this "information".