Sunday, November 06, 2011

Occupy protesters attacking police

According to Fox News:
Meanwhile, in Occupying events around the United States, police are mocked, screamed at, spat upon, confronted, pushed, knocked off motorcycles and loads more. New York confrontations resulted in hundreds of protesters arrested. While Occupiers attacked Oakland police with everything from “eggs” and “paint” to “feces” and “M-80” firecrackers, the bigger threat is a new tactic called “doxing.” It’s part of the culture that comes from hacker group Anonymous, which is one of the major organizers of the Occupy Wall Street protests.
Why do we allow our police to be treated like this? The vast majority of police are just men and women who are doing their jobs protecting us. Egging, throwing feces, spitting on or otherwise attacking police should be considered a felony offence with very serious consequences.

Many of these occupy people seem to be little more than self-centered, ignorant thugs. The really shocking thing is that so many prominent Democrats publicly support them!

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