Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Herman Cain allegations

Isn't it interesting how back in the days of Bill Clinton, Democrats and the media were constantly hammering Republicans for their "rush to judgment;" this in spite of the fact that numerous women (not anonymous) had made actual serious sexual misconduct charges.

Now, with Herman Cain, we have two anonymous women claiming that twenty years ago they felt sexually harassed by an invitation from Herman Cain or by non-sexual gestures--and the Left is all over it like flies on cow pies!

If Herman Cain was a Democrat candidate for President and Republicans were rushing to judgment, is there anyone do doesn't think Democrats would be screaming "racism!"?

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professor ed said...

I firmly believe if H. Cain continues to grow in popularity/political strength, we will witness an "Anita Hill vs. Clarence Thomoas" type teplay sponsored either by the Democrates or (awful to think put possibly) his Republican challangers. Who(what)ever puts this effort together, it will represent a pinicle of DIRTY POLITLICS.