Monday, October 17, 2011

Ron Paul on eliminating cabinet departments

If elected, Ron Paul says he "would eliminate the Departments of Education, Commerce, Energy, Interior and Housing and Urban Development."

I'm not a Ron Paul supporter but I certainly agree with him on this!

Although the Environmental Protection Agency is not in the cabinet, I would also suggesting a total make-over of that department as well. It needs a complete philosophy change to make it more of a people protection agency.

In other words, this agency needs to have the ultimate goal not of protecting the environment, but protecting people. This agency should always weigh environmental concerns with human needs. In some cases the agency should come down on the side of the environment--as, for example, when some company is pouring toxic chemicals into the rivers. In other cases, people's jobs and livelihood should take priority over, for example, the existence snail darters or the comfort of caribou in the swamps of the Alaskan north slope.

Admittedly, it would often be hard to know where to draw the line, but the way it is now, it seems like the Environmental Protection Agency is overrun by radical tree-huggers who are much more concerned about "Mother Earth", i.e. trees, rocks and animals, than they are about human beings.

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Kevin said...

Another step to dealing with the EPA would be to limit the scope of its power to Federal Lands and interstate ecosystems (rivers, state-border lands, ecological issues that affect the air near other states, etc.)

If North Dakota wanted to build a giant nuclear waste pile in the middle of the state and could do it safely w/o affecting other states... then that's for North Dakota and its state government to decide. The EPA should have no say.