Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Responding to Iran's attempted attack

The Left's approach to foreign policy--exemplified in Barack Obama--seems to have been to assume that if we try hard enough to understand why other countries hate us, and apologize enough for all the real or perceived injustices we have done, and if we negotiate hard enough to come to compromises acceptable to our enemies--then we will have a world of love and peace.

In light of the Iranian government's recent attempt at terrorism on American soil I have to ask, how is that working out for you Mr. President?

Iran understands force. They do not care about sanctions or negotiations. If the United States does not respond in a way that lets Iran know in no uncertain terms that such acts of war will not be tolerated, Iran will be emboldened to continue their attacks against us.

We should negotiate with Iran, and while we are negotiating we should be amassing such an enormous military force in their neighborhood that it will encourage them to listen to reason.

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