Monday, October 03, 2011

BET founder: Stop attacking the rich

On Fox News Sunday the founder of BET said that Obama needs to stop attacking the rich.

He is right. Marxists and Obama followers tend to demonize the "rich" and romanticize the "poor."

The fact is that while some rich people are corrupt, some are good people who provide lots of jobs and give lots of money to charity.  And while some of the poor are good, hardworking people who are poor through no fault of their own, some are poor because of their own laziness or bad behavior issues.

There's nothing wrong with generalizations, of course. But Obama's generalizations regarding rich and poor seem to be designed to foment a class warfare agenda for the purposes of justifying government robbery from the rich in order to redistribute that wealth to the poor.  

One of the problems with this agenda is that when you redistribute money to the "poor" without addressing the reasons that some people are poor in the first place, you tend to enable and perpetuate the very poverty you are pretending to address.  

Unfortunately, some Democrat politicians don't seem to care, because keeping people on the government dole helps to keep those people dependent on the politicians who support those handouts, which helps keep those Democrat politicians in power.

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