Monday, October 03, 2011

Killing al-Awlaki an impeachable offense?

According to Politico: "Ron Paul said Monday that President Obama's targeted killing of Anwar al-Awlaki might be an impeachable offense."

There may be other things for which President Obama deserves impeachment (like failure to protect our borders) but his action against al-Awlaki is not one of them. For that, he deserves kudos!

On TV tonight someone commented that being a U.S. citizen would not necessarily prevent a bank robber from being shot and killed.

Seriously, Ron Paul scares me almost as much as Obama. If the election came down between Barack Obama and Ron Paul, I may just have to do a write-in protest vote on election day.


professor ed said...

I agree that Ron Paul comes across as frequently out of touch with reality. However, the good news is, his chances of being the GOP nominee are next to none. Should, by some quirk, he attain the nomination, his loss to Obama in November would make the Goldwater vs Johnson (1964) election results look like child's play. In addition I,too, would have to either sit this one out, or vote write-in. Would you have any objection to my putting your name in Dennis, as my write-in?

Dennis said...

Sure, you can write me in--as long as you don't mind it I write you in :-) I think either one of us could do a better job than the President we have now.