Saturday, September 03, 2011

White supremacist group to protest

A white supremacist group is planning to hold a rally in protest against the back racist thugs who attacked white people at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Ironically, the two groups have much more in common than they realize. They are united in their racist hatred. Their differences are only skin deep.

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Kevin said...

Violence is worse than prejudice. I am not condoning prejudice... but a bunch of idiots sitting around complaining about how the blacks, whites, blue-eyes, big footed, red-necked... whatevers... is nothing, it's a bunch of idiots. When those bunch of idiots physically hurt people b/c of their idiotic ideas then they should be severely punished. I think a few rounds of waterboarding would be helpful... you're free to hold to your ideas, you just can't physically hurt people because of them.