Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Ford to create 5,000 new jobs...in India!

Ford announced that they are planning to build a one billion dollar manufacturing plant that will create 5,000 new jobs...........in India!

Now before you get furious with Ford you might want to keep in mind that companies must go where they can be competitive. Taxes, ever increasing government regulations and unions that push wages and concessions higher and higher all contribute to corporate decisions to take their business--and jobs--elsewhere.

We might think that Obama and his Democrats are "sticking" it to business with ever increasing regulation, threats of higher taxes and their support for extortionate union tactics, but they are really sticking it to the American people.


Kevin said...

If you get angry at companies for choosing to manufacture outside of the United States then you should be equally angry at people who choose to vacation outside the United States. (I'm not suggesting that you are angry at Ford, only suggesting there is a double standard for companies.)

Also, VW recently opened a manufacturing plant in Chattanooga Tennessee. I'm from a town near there and have friends and acquaintances in the area still. I've been surprised by the # of people who have either gotten new jobs at the VW plant or gotten new jobs at companies that provide services to the VW plant.

Jon Huntsman's economic plan, or something very similar to it, is what this country needs.

Kevin said...

Ford is impressive. They didn't take bailout money. They changed their business and are growing. If you buy American cars you should probably buy Ford.

This story is one of US companies growing and selling more of their products world wide. It's a great story and one we should all hope to read more about.

The US needs to recognize that it must reconcile environmental, business, and labor interests with a keen eye on being a competitive labor market or it's going to lose jobs and manufacturing to other more competitive countries.

Phil said...

Ford also supports the ACLU....