Friday, August 26, 2011

Vandalism by the Left....or Right?

Someone has apparently vandalized a Catholic school in Wisconsin by super-gluing its doors shut just prior to a visit by the Republican governor. One of the comments to the article linked above characterized this as Democrat tactics. Someone responded saying that it was probably an action by someone from the TEA party trying to make Democrats look bad. Those on the Right (including myself) have suspected the Left of "Alinsky" tactics in trying to make the TEA party look bad with acts of vandalism or violence.

In the end, how do we really know what's going on when we encounter vandalism or violence from the Left or Right? I, naturally, think that these actions come much more often from those on the Left, but I understand that there are those on the Left who think the same thing about those of us on the Right.

I think it would be great if prominent Republicans and Democrats would hold a joint press conference and publicly proclaim together that those who carry out vandalism and violence do NOT represent Republicans or Democrats (or TEA party), but are just lawless, irresponsible, childish thugs whose actions should not be held to be representative of everyone on the Left or Right, but should be condemned by both Left and Right.


professor ed said...

"Why can't we all just get along"?

Dennis said...

Ah, yes. That great philosopher, Rodney King, as I recall :-)

St. Lee said...

At least someone is able to get super glue to work for them. The only things I have ever been able to fasten together with superglue are my fingers.