Friday, August 05, 2011

Obama--being dealt a bad hand

I've heard it many times before but I heard it again today--Barack Obama was dealt a bad hand when he became President.

The analogy is not accurate.  When someone is dealt a bad hand, it means they did not know what cards they were going to get.  Barack Obama knew precisely what he was getting in to when he became President.

A better analogy would be someone who takes someone else's place at the table. He sees the hand he is going to take over and determines--before he even sits down at the table--that he can win with that hand.

Obama knew the terrible hand that Bush was passing off to the next President and yet Obama promised the American people that he could win with that hand.

Obama had both houses of Congress on his side for the first two years of his presidency. They followed his program precisely. Far from turning a bad hand into a winning hand as he promised--He turned a bad hand into a catastrophe that just keeps getting worse!


Kevin said...

Yup. It's time for real change. We need a balanced budget amendment to force the government to bring spending and revenue under control.

professor ed said...

While the balanced budget amendment is a great idea (one which I highly approve) we need to remember the time frame to enact this constitutional change ie: both houses of Congress, President, and then ratified by 3/4of the states. All of this could take a while.
In terms of "being dealt a bad hand" Obama, and his regime, have frankly become tiresome in their constant, continual blame of others, for the regime's own mistakes. "Stimulus plans" passed by Obama, Inc. have led to greater debt, which has contributed to our lowered S&P rating. Yes, Bush made mistakes, so for that matter did FDR and Andrew Jackson! But none of these other men currently occupys the White House. I think the latest "spin" now put fourth by the Democrats is to blame the teaparty folk for the lowered credit rating. How long will the electorate play down this continual excuse making?