Monday, August 15, 2011

Obama and the blame game

The following excellent post is from Kevin, a long-time Recliner Commentaries reader (posted by permission):

As Obama kicks off his "Don't Blame Me" bus tour by laying the blame for the economy and the S&P downgrade on the TEA party, and congress (well, really, the Republicans), and whoever else, I wondered how I would do things differently if I were President.

It dawned on me, this actually isn't a very difficult problem. Obama and the Democrats control the Senate, control the Executive Branch, and have 44% of the House (193 of 435). To pass any law they just need party solidarity in the House and Senate, and 25 Republican votes in the House. 

If The President was serious he could have called Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and said "We're going to come up with a reasonable plan, a plan that protects the most important things for our constituents but puts the government on track to meet its obligations over the next 50 years. We're going to make some concessions for Republicans, in fact we're going to make this deal so sweet that we can pull over at least 25 Republicans in the House. I will not accept anything less. When we have a plan we will present it to the people, will make it clear that this plan will pass the Senate and that I will approve it and will get Democratic support in the House. If the plan doesn't go through it is the Republicans who are at fault for government fiscal woes... we can win either way."

Now, if Obama, Reid, and Pelsoi followed through on this and came up with a reasonable plan but couldn't sway 25 Republicans then they'd have the upper hand in blaming Republicans for mucking up the government process. If they get 25 Republicans then the get the country on a better fiscal track, can take credit for it, and preserve their sacred cows.

This could have happened with the President's Debt Commission. The President could have taken the lead and refused to allow the Debt Commission to fail. He didn't. 

I don't think the Democrats are serious about doing what it takes to get the government's finances back on track. Talking about taxing private jets sounds nice but doesn't really do anything of significance to address the deficit and the debt. 

 To actually address those things you'd have to cut programs, programs the Democrats have been using for years to strengthen their base. They can't put a budget forward, they can't come up with a real plan because the facts show their isn't enough money, even if you tax like crazy, and so you have to cut. 

A real plan can be scrutinized and reviewed, attack and debated... but when you have no plan, when you just nit-pick and attack your opponents plan you can avoid the political hardships of having to admit that you can't deliver all of the goodies you've promised your constituents.

If they had a real workable plan they could get it passed or show the entire country that it is the Republican ideology and unwillingness to make any kind of compromise that is keeping the government from getting on the right fiscal track.
Obama had a chance to lead and didn't. He can still lead and will not. He blames. The Democrats control the Presidency, The Senate, and 44% of the House.

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Brilliant post. :)