Sunday, July 31, 2011

Multiculturalism and Iranian acid attacks

In my experience those who advocate multiculturalism generally tend to focus on superficial elements of culture like food and clothes while they seem to assume that all cultures are basically good.

Here is a story from Iran that really helps put some deep cultural differences in perspective. The fact that the acid attacks described in this story are said to be common in Iran is shocking from a Western cultural perspective.

But then there is also the "eye for an eye" punishment which permits the woman to pour acid in the eye of her attacker as a legal punishment!

While westerners are shocked by what they consider to be a  barbaric punishment, westerners somehow fail to come to grips with the monumental injustice that would be done by western-style punishment. In the west the perpetrator would serve a few years in prison and then be free to live the rest of his life as if nothing had ever happened.

Meanwhile his victim, a once beautiful woman, will live the rest of her life blind and disfigured by horrible acid scars. Somehow in the west, we think this is justice! We care more for the perpetrator than for the victim!

But finally, there is the beautiful end to the story as the victim finally comes to grips with her need for revenge and instead shows amazing grace, forgives her attacker and allows him to keep his eyes.

I can almost picture this woman--like the Good Samaritan--as the hero of one of Jesus' stories as he concludes, "go thou and do likewise."

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