Monday, June 06, 2011

Weiner, Pelosi and ethics, Democrat style

So it turns out that Democrat Anthony Weiner's e-mail was not hacked as he said. In fact, Weiner flat out lied through his teeth over and over and over again when he said his e-mail was hacked and that he did not send inappropriate pictures of himself to some woman. All lies.

Not only that, but it now comes out that Weiner has sent lewd photos to numerous other women. At least one of the photos is apparently X-rated.

But there's more. When right-wing journalist Andrew Breitbart broke this story, while Weiner was lying through his teeth, he was also dragging Breitbart's reputation through the mud by not only allowing Breitbart to be characterized as a liar (for brining this scandal to the public attention) but going so far as to allow suggestions that Breitbart was printing lies or may have even been the hacker!

[As an aside, I heard an interview between journalists and Andrew Breitbart today which took place just before Weiner came clean. In the interview, noting that journalists had accused him of fabricating his facts, Breitbart repeatedly challenged them to produce just one fabrication. Just one! The journalists kept changing the subject. They could not produce even one instance where Breitbart had fabricated his stories].

Then Weiner came out and verified that the whole thing was true. Breitbart had not lied nor had he fabricated his facts. It was all Left-wing slander.

Anyway, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi has called for an ethics investigation. Great! But why did she wait so long? Why didn't she call for an ethics investigation when the allegations were being made and Weiner was obviously hiding something? Why did she wait until after the confession? Isn't that a bit like closing the barn door after the cows have already escaped?

Earlier this year when a Republican congressman was involved in a similar (in fact, lesser) scandal, Speaker of the House, John Boehner called the congressman in an told him to pack up his things and be gone by the end of the day. Why didn't Pelosi do the same thing?

Could it be that Pelosi ordered the "ethics" investigation so she could say that Democrats took the scandal seriously while at the same time protecting Democrats from having to say anything to the press about this? Now if the anyone asks Democrats to comment on Rep. Weiner all that have to do is say, "Gee, I'd really like to comment but that is under investigation right now."

Very convenient.

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