Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Nursery worker changed with raping a todler

According to Fox News:
A nursery worker has pleaded guilty to raping a toddler in his care and a string of offenses linked to the online grooming of more than 20 other girls.
I think nursery workers who sexually abuse children should be thrown into the ocean with a big stone chained to their neck.

Just kidding. 

I think they should be crucified!


Kevin said...

In this case I believe gasoline, liberally applied to this maggot's skin, and a few matches would be a good start. But don't let the fire kill him... the burns, over several days, should do the trick. Rats, roaches, and other vermin should be treated w/ more care than this monster.

Kevin said...

To be clear about my last post... I am not kidding. This type of person is a monster. They destroy other people. They should be destroyed. When all of the people of the world have food, water, and a safe place to live then perhaps we should consider extended opportunities for monster's to re-humanize themselves; but until then these things need to be destroyed and resources need to be allocated to help innocent people who do not have necessities.