Monday, June 13, 2011

New Hampshire Presidential Debate

I just finished watching the New Hampshire Republican debate. For the most part, the candidates seemed pretty unified on the issues--Ron Paul was probably a little on the fringe of this pack.

In my mind, one of my favorite candidates took a big fall, however, with his answer on why he supported TARP. Herman Cain said that although he supported TARP at first, he changed his mind when he saw that the politicians were using the money to pick winners and losers and started supporting their own special interest groups

Really, Mr. Cain? You honestly didn’t know that politicians would do this?

I really like Herman Cain but one of my greatest fears is that his lack of experience with Washington politics will result in the political establishment (both Republicans and Democrats) pulling the wool over his eyes, running all over him, and pulling his strings like puppet! His answer on TARP did nothing to ease my fears.

Michele Bachmann, on the other hand, said she was in those closed-door meetings when Paulson came asking for 800 billion dollars with no strings attached. Bachmann not only opposed Democrats but was even opposed many in her own party! It ends up that she was right. That took backbone, principles and guts!

I also liked the fact that when Bachmann was asked about raising the debt ceiling she referred to Barack Obama who once refused to vote to raise the debt ceiling saying that the need to raise the debt ceiling pointed to a lack of leadership by President Bush!

Our debt has skyrocketed under Obama. If he was honest, he would admit if raising the debt ceiling under Bush resulted from a lack of leadership on Bush’s part, then likewise, raising the debt ceiling on Obama's watch must be due to a lack of leadership on Obama's part. But that wouldn’t be quite right. Our enormous debt is not due to a lack of leadership on Obama’s part. Our crushing debt is directly due to Obama’s leadership!

The bottom line is that although I like some candidates better than others, I could enthusiastically support any of these candidates against Barack Obama. Michele Bachman, however, has emerged over Herman Cain as my current favorite. She was cheerful, well informed and very articulate. Besides,I didn’t know that she sits on the House Select Committee on Intelligence which means that she probably knows more about what is really going on in the world than any of the other candidates--and right now we simply cannot afford another President who needs on-the-job training in foreign affairs.


Kevin said...

Here is my assessment (partially based on the list @

Herman Cain - No experience; loser.

Newt Gingrich - Can't keep a staff he created together. Done! Done! Done! (and I was hoping he'd get in the race).

Jimmy McMillan - I agree w/ Candidate Jimmy, the rent is too damn high... of course it's high because of the # of people and the available space... but either way I think his mustache & beard would win the argument.

Ron Paul - Cook.

Tim Pawlenty - I don't think he has a chance. Perhaps he should return to his boyhood home in Lake Wobegon.

Mitt Romney - His health care program will steal your undershorts and will replace them with holy mormon undershorts. Boring, and wrong.

Rick Santorum - If you know who Rick Santorum is you are either very white and very conservative or watch Fox News. Not a winner.

Michele Bachman - Got a chance. She's a Tea Partyier, and certainly conservative but she might what it takes to capture Republican attention and move the middle on fiscal issues.

Sarah Palin - She's all about The Benjamins (money folks, she's making tall stacks of cash to go back to Alaska and enjoy her life)

Rick Perry - Yes please.

I'd love a Perry/Bachman ticket. Perry saying "hey Texas is doin' good, and border security and I can say "nuclear" not "nucalur", and Bachman acutally getting how Washington politics works. Bachman could run on her own though, but I think the two together would be a powerful team.

Kevin said...

To clarify, personally, Herman Cain is not a loser. The man is very successful, intelligent, eloquent, and seems to be a good leader. As a candidate for President he's got no chance against a ruthless media and Washington establishment... you know this because he says what he means and thinks.