Sunday, June 12, 2011

John Stossel's "The Money Hole"

I just finished watching John Stossel's outstanding special called, "The Money Hole." I wish I had the power to make this required viewing before anyone could vote in the next election. Stossel did a remarkable job showing that our economic crisis is not just because of the politicians--it is because of "we the people."

Anytime a politician tries to cut anything, they are assaulted by labor groups, lobbyists, other special interest groups or "we the people."  Everyone seems to think cutting the budget is OK, just don't cut my part! And so, because politicians don't want to lose their jobs, America just keeps hurtling toward financial Armageddon.

As an example, when you were watching all the union protests in Wisconsin, you are watching what is financially wrong with America. Fortunately, Wisconsin has a governor with some backbone!

If we don't elect more politicians with the backbone of Wisconsin's governor, America is done. The problem is that too many Americans have their head in the sand, thinking "it will never happen here."

My guess is that virtually all Democrats and probably half the Republicans are part of the problem rather than the solution. If we don't elect people who have the backbone to make massive budgets and be part of the solution in the next election, I fear for our economic future.

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stacie said...

I think you are right. If we lose the world currency status the dollar will come crashing down because of our inability to print more. That would be devastating.

Another part of the problem is that 1.72 out of every 4 adults is being supported by the government. We need to create jobs. The laws as the exist today reward the wrong behavior (off-shoring).

We are in a big mess. The whole system needs an overhaul.