Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Discrimination and national GLBT month

President Obama proclaimed June to be national Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender month. Why not a national "straight" month too? Doesn't having a national GLBT month discriminate against straights?

We have special months for Black history (February), Irish-Americans (March), Jewish-Americans (May), Asian Pacific Americans (May), Caribbean-Americans (June), Hispanic Americans (September/October), Italian Americans (October) and American Indians (November).

What about a national month for French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Brazilian, Bolivian, Greek, or Scandinavian Americans?

We have a special month for older Americans (May). Why not a month for younger or middle-age Americans?

When we set aside special months for some groups and not others, aren't we discriminating against those who are left out?


Geoffrey said...

Oh sure. Scandinavians get a month under your plan, but British-Americans who have been here since before the Revolution don't.

Kevin said...

I believe any of these so-called special months should be funded by the individuals who deem them to be important. That United States is more than happy to take money from groups of individuals for rights to natural resources or radio wave spectrum the taking a resource like time, in this case taking a one of only 12 available resources, should require something like $1-$3 billion to start. Sure, we can limit this to ethnic groups... but those who value their ethnicity, and feel they are being under acknowledged in this free and open society should jump at the chance to be represented in such a fair and equal way.