Thursday, June 16, 2011

Christians tortured in Pakistan

According to Open Doors:
Sheikhupura police [Pakistan] this month tortured a young Christian woman into revealing the whereabouts of the legal team helping her family after an influential Muslim family kidnapped her and her sister, sources said.
Police also helped the Muslim family beat relatives of the Christian woman on court premises and attacked the offices of the organization trying to help her family, they said.
In addition to routinely persecuting Christians, this country recently arrested Pakistanis who helped us get Osama bin Laden and then denied visas to CIA agents who were supposed to work with Pakistan on a joint intelligence program.

And we continue to send billions of our tax dollars to this country. 

In my very uniformed opinion, it seems to me that America should 1) help persecuted Christians relocate to America 2) Take out Pakistan's nukes, 3) get our troops out and 4) cut off all foreign aid to Pakistan.  If they are going to treat us like enemies, maybe it is time we treat them like enemies.

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