Saturday, June 25, 2011

U.N. resolution on gay rights

According to Reuters: “The top U.N. human rights body declared Friday there should be no discrimination or violence against people based on their sexual orientation..."

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed full support for the resolution.

I hope we can all agree that there should be no violence against people based on their sexual orientation, but just what exactly does "no discrimination" mean?

Does this mean that churches, religious schools, religious colleges, religious charities, religious missions, etc. should eventually be forced by non-discrimination laws to accept practicing homosexuals into their organizations? 

For example, should a Christian College be forced by law to hire a biology professor who is a practicing homosexual? If so, how could such a college possibly exclude professors who practice other behaviors that religious organizations call sin? 

How could such a college have a practicing homosexual on their faculty but continue to "discriminate" against other unrepentant "sinners" like adulterers or unmarried couples living together or faculty members who enjoyed getting drunk on the weekends?

Is the government going to start telling religious organizations, including churches, mosques and synagogues, what "sins" it can and cannot "discriminate" against?

If such a thing every happens in America, I would suggest that Christians, Jews and Muslims start joining gay organizations until they have sufficient majorities to out-vote the gay members--then take over the organizations and vote them out of existence! The "non-discrimination" sword should cut both ways.

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