Friday, May 20, 2011

WikiLeaks sheds light on "enhanced interrogation techniques"

According to the Washington Times:
“The WikiLeaks documents provide still additional evidence that intelligence gained from CIA detainees not only helped lead us to Osama bin Laden, it helped us disrupt a number of follow-on attacks that had been set in motion after 9/11,” said Marc Thiessen, a former Bushspeechwriter.
“Without this program, we would not have gone nearly 10 years without another catastrophic attack on the homeland. This is quite possibly the most important, and most successful, intelligence program in modern times. But instead of medals, the people behind this program have been given subpoenas.”
Please read the entire article. Regardless of whether you agree with "enhanced interrogation techniques" or not, this information needs to be considered in future discussions.

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Kevin said...

Two different comments on this topic:

1) Obama should be ashamed of himself. Taking credit for Osama bin Laden's death while not citing the methods that were necessary to enable it; while not cancelling these nonsense investigations into the agents who use "enhanced interrogation" techniques to get the information is absurd. Obama is trying to get all of the glory for a military victory w/o accepting the responsibility for the methods that enabled that victory. Shame on him.

2) Wikileaks, Julian Assange, and Bradley Manning need to be given credit for exposing the truth... that Guantanamo and water-boarding actually save lives, protect freedom in the United States, and should be continued. The US government is quick to condemn Assange & Manning b/c it serves its own interests, but The People should recognize that Assange & Manning enabled truth to be known now and government lies, government manipulation and deceit, to be exposed.