Friday, May 20, 2011

Sharia and burning holy books

From Karen Lugo's outstanding article on Sharia:
When the U.S. Government orders Bibles to be burned by the military in Afghanistan to avoid offending Muslims, but censors an American protestor who burned the Koran, this is de facto submission to sharia.
If you read no other article this week, please take time to read "Scaremongering on Sharia?"


Kevin said...

Your comparison between US Military practices and a city's response to a protester is wrong. The military's primary objective is to achieve whatever mission it's been assigned to, while protecting its soldiers. Personal freedoms are set aside when you join the military. The military can burn pictures of your family, your holy books, your ID, or whatever else they've decreed.

Free citizens of a state have different rights and are treated differently. I suspect the incident w/ this pastor has more to do with inciting violence and mob behavior then attacking his particular ideology. It's easier for a government to deal w/ one guy then to deal with a mob, so they just go after the guy. That means freedoms don't mean a lot to local governments. They like easy & cheap. That seems to mean that Christians need to make themselves & their opinions known to their local politicians frequently and repeatedly.

Dennis said...

I wasn't comparing the U.S. military and a city government. I was discussing the fact that at the highest levels of government--including the President himself--some small church pastor was condemned for burning a Koran, while at the same time our government--yes, through the military--orders our soldiers' Bibles to be burned! That is WRONG! The military's actions here are absolutely despicable!

Our government needs to "man-up" and tell the Afghanis that we are there to protect them from being enslaved again by the Taliban, and we will NOT order our soldiers to give up their own religious freedom in the process.

If the Afghanis don't like it, it's time to come home. They deserve to be enslaved by the Taliban! I am sick of shedding U.S. blood so Muslims can be delivered from their Muslim oppressors, only to turn around and oppress non-Muslims!