Friday, May 13, 2011

Obama, Boeing, South Carolina and raw political power

In response to my post on the Obama administration's fight to keep Boeing out of South Carolina, Kevin, a regular Recliner Commentaries reader, writes,
This issue really frustrates me. The administration is taking jobs from South Carolinians, is hurting the economy by delaying the release of an innovate airliner, and is hurting the environment by delaying the release of a more fuel efficient airliner, and are fighting against bringing jobs to a racially diverse state (in 2009 28% of South Carolinians were black, while only 3.9% of Washingtonians are. The diversity holds for other racial groups. South Carolina is more diverse!)
It could easily be suggested that the Obama administration cares more about keeping their rich union doners rich, and their poor black supporters poor more then they care about the economy or the environment (let alone freedom).
Outstanding points! Apparently when it comes to the Obama administration, nothing counts more than votes from their union supporters--not the environment, not the poor, not diversity, not the economy, not jobs, not freedom--nothing! Political power trumps everything else.

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professor ed said...

Obama is not a leader. With the one, outstanding exception of his "OK" to execute OBL, he has proven to be a lethargic, wishy washy leader at best. Look how long it took him to decide to send addtional troops to Afganistan! The Unions OWN Obama. They are his "leader" and they will pull his limited leadship strings. Speaking as a resident of SC, I am DISGUSTED with his administration's efforts to stop Boeing's plant in the palmetto state. Fortunately nearly all of our congressional delegation, as well as our governor, along with our Governor, our doing what they can to stand up to BLOB--Big Labor Owned Obama!